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In 1997 Prof. María Adela Contreras and Dr. Enrique Mario Schiavon launched the first executive education program working with Dr. David Bloom, Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, Dr. Thomas Bossert and Dr. Marc Mitchell, from Harvard University. The program seeks a positive influence on public policies in the countries of the region.

Participants include a wide range of professionals working in health care and pharma across LATAM, representing both the private and public sectors. Since 1997 more than 3000 professionals and business leaders have attended our programs.

Harvard is a world-leading academic institution focused on promoting a scientific environment devoid of conflict of interests and for-profit goals. The end goal of these programs is the advancement of public health across LATAM.


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This Program ´ll be hosted by the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health,
in the city of Boston (Massachusetts).

The Chan school’s buildings are located on the Harvard Longwood Campus in Boston, right at the heart of the Boston–Cambridge area, offering easy access to many of its most popular sites and attractions.


This program is directed and taught by faculty from Harvard University, as well as leading academics and practitioners from health care and pharma industry who bring to the table a perfect mix of academic and real-world experience.

The founder Director was Prof. Marc Mitchell MD. From 2007 the Director had been Dr. Paul Campbell Phd, who has a great experience as a Health Care Manager and Professor at Harvard School of Public Health.

Dr. Paul Campbell retired in 2017 and Diana Bowser has become the new Director for this course.

Prof. Contreras and Dr. Enrique Schiavon are managing this Program since 1997,.and they have signed a contract with the President and Fellows of Harvard College.


Grupo de Participantes con el Ex Director Dr.Paul Campbell



Diana Bowser, ScD, MPH Public Health and Health Management, and member of the Faculty T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Brandeis University, acts as Program Director on behalf of Harvard University.



Prof. María Adela Contreras and Dr. Enrique Mario Schiavon, MD, MHA, coordinate and manage the programs in Latin America.


The program is designed to encourage active involvement and interaction between participants and faculty. We use real-world case studies, small group discussions, and site visits to ensure that the courses remained focused, practical and agile. Opportunities for exchange with faculty and peers extend beyond the classroom, through a variety of educational and social activities designed to enhance the learning experience.

This Program ´ll be delivered in English, with simultaneous translation into Spanish available for those who require it.


This Workshop will be offered in a one-week format with classes scheduled from 9 am through 5 pm.
On previous Sunday participants are invited to a Guide Tour of the Harvard Campus in Cambridge.

The maximum total enrollment per seminar is 50 attendees.



Admissions are managed by the coordinators in line with the requirements set out for each program. Although there are no formal academic prerequisites and enrolment is open, we look for professionals with ample experience in their fields and representing diverse countries and backgrounds. This contributes to a rich and fruitful learning experience, as well as offering many opportunities for networking.


Certificates of attendance are issued by Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health to participants upon completion of the program. These are non-degree programs. The Certificates Ceremony is hosted at the Harvard Faculty Club in Cambridge (Massachusetts)


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